Evidence Supporting

Evidence that supports the existance of Sasquatch:
  • Footprints - These constitute the strongest evidence for the existance of Sasquatch. Features that suggest they are authentic: found in remote locations, many only accessable by air; Vaiations in toe position within single trackway; trackways extending for miles; dermal ridge patterns; tracks show evidence of being made by something considerably heavier than a human; tracks demonstrate similar characteristics.
  • Patterson-Gimlin Film - Supporting features: muscle contractions appear visable, breasts swing naturally, film subject leaves tracks which are well documented in photographs and plaster casts. (more info: Munns Report, NASI report). Refuting features:  Bob Heironimus appears early in the film and later claimed to have been the creature in a suit, Roger Paterson had written a book about Sasquatch previous to filming and book contained a drawing of a female Sasquatch with breasts, Phillip Morris claims to have sold Roger Patterson a gorrilla suit. (more info: Leroy Blevins' work, Phillip Morris, Greg Long). Conclusion: In my opinion the evidence supporting outweighs the evidence refuting, there is decent probablility that this is a real Sasquatch on film.
  • Other Videos - These are a few that impress me: PEI, Hoffman video, White Bigfoot in Soybean Field in Ohio, x, ...
  • Photographs - A few still photographs appear to have caputed Sasquatch. Although admittedly the number and quality of photos is disappointing. If this were a real crature I would expect at least a couple high resolution images. Best collection is porbably found at FB/FB.
  • Eyewitness reports - Thousands exist, plenty of credible ones.
  • Aboriginal history - Sasquatch is known in most North American aboriginal cultures, depicted in masks, carvings, and totem poles. Different tribes use different names for Sasquatch this suggests that the story did not travel across the continent, seperate stories arrived from seperate sightings.
  • Expert opinion - Several Ph.D level scientists are of the opinion that Sasquatch probably exists.