Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Shooting Bigfoot

I'm going to a screening tomorrow night.
Although I expect that the film is will be a comedy regarding the looney behavior of Dyer and Biscardi. But we'll see...

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to document your position, Ken - a very constructive read, overall, from someone only 49% convinced of Sasquatch existence. Quebec has had quite a few more sightings than have been reported, imo due to the language barrier and due to the relative remoteness of much of their land mass. Next door, in Ontario, many more sightings have been reported, probably due to denser human activity. It seems the real issue for many researchers involves the ape versus Homo question. Perhaps the Russian hominologists have the most appropriate term for them: Sub-human protohominids. Unfortunately we know a good deal more about how great apes live today than we do about how our extinct cousins lived a few millinnia ago; perhaps encouraging a more pongid than hominid interpretation. This becomes problematic for those few of us who have heard them use fully articulated language in close proximity. We must either adjust our notion of what apes are capable of or make way for a new middle ground interpretation - an existing relict protohominid.