Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Ketcum DNA Study: Red Flags

If there is legitimate DNA evidence that sasquatch exist then this data (sequenced DNA) should be made public. This is an important discovery, if Melba Ketchum holds proof that sasquatch are real living creatures and has been withholding this information from the public then her behaviour is  immoral, regressive, and selfish. Geneticists, Anthropologists, Biologists, Zoologists, Physiologists, Physicians, ... need this data. The human species needs this data. If this data exists then it needs to be examined and interpreted by a variety of scientists AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

We shouldn't get our hopes up.

Red flags:
  • How could any rational person keep this hidden from scientists for years?
  • How can DNA samples (blood and tissue) be collected without getting an un-ambiguous photograph?
  • Hype, publicity created by Melba Ketchum's Facebook page. If the data is legitimate let the data speak for itself.
  • Delay in publishing results. Guy Edwards' 5 Stages of Big Bigfoot Announcement
  • There is no Geneticists, Anthropologists, Biologists, Zoologists, Physiologists publicly associated with the study.
  • Dr. Ketchum owns the lab where the samples are tested. This potentially is a conflict of interest.
The argument that Dr. Ketchum wants to protect sasquatch is weak. If they exist it is extremely difficult or apparently impossible to even get a good photograph of one. There has never been a confirmed case of a sasquatch being successfully hunted and killed. They do not need protection.

Having said all this there are some positive and encouraging signs coming from Dr. Ketchum's work and I hope she is successful in providing good evidence for the existence of sasquatch.

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